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Joshua J. Goodman

Joshua J. Goodman

Before working in the Solar power industry, I worked in Child Welfare and Adoptions for 15 years. During my time there, I saw many clients and families who had growing concerns over the cost of electricity and affordability, so I started looking into alternatives to help families deal with this growing problem.

After performing extensive research about Solar options over the course of several months, it occurred to me that this was a solvable problem. I also discovered that even in geographic locations that do not have constant sunlight year-round, solar was still a more cost-efficient option. For example, in Western Pennsylvania where it is not sunny 99% of the time, folks were still saving money and benefitting from solar power in their homes. I also discovered those folks were paying less money with a solar system than they were with a traditional electric bill!

At this point, I became very interested in educating homeowners who were frustrated with the rising cost of electricity and doing all I can to help review solar options, finding the best equipment and company for their needs. In 2021, my family and I moved to Naples, Florida where I opened my solar power consulting business, GT Clean Energy Solutions, but we work with customers across the country, not just in Florida.

As a business owner and solar consultant, I want to provide folks with the best options possible to eliminate the rate hikes we’ll see from FPL, LCEC, ConEd and numerous other electric power companies across the United States.

My goal is to be your trusted partner in providing you all the information needed to make the best decision for you and your family . If you are contemplating going solar for your home or business, or perhaps you just need more information to start your own research, please let us help you navigate the industry and cut through the myths so you can make a sound decision.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future!

Best Regards,
Josh Goodman